Mitchell-Lama/HDFC Housing Law

Members of this practice area are:

Kagan Lubic Lepper Finkelstein & Gold, LLP is a leading firm in the specialized area of representing government regulated housing companies and cooperatives.

We represent Mitchell-Lama housing companies, cooperatives and HDFC’s on a regular basis as general counsel.  We have longstanding relationships with representatives of HPD, HUD and DHCR and are fully familiar with their respective rules, regulations and policies governing operations.

Our legal services include preparation/negotiation of contracts, and guiding our clients with respect to elections, administrative proceedings (to obtain Certificates of Evictions), succession rights, HPD approval requirements (for example, for by-law and house rule amendments), income limitations, HPD audits, waiting list issues and 8A financing.  Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of these matters, and have years of experience guiding our clients through the nuances specifically relating to Mitchell-Lama housing companies and supervisory agency approvals and involvement.  We further assist our Mitchell-Lama clients in other areas such as financing for capital projects including negotiating loans with third party lenders and equity (capital/first-sale) assessments, utility pass-throughs, landlord-tenant matters, general litigation, Article 78’s, and conversion to private ownership.